Romania day 4

Today we have been too bucharest. We woke up about 06.45 and did our self ready. It took 30 miniutes to school where we meet everyone and jumped on to the buss to the capital of rumania, bucharest.

At first we went to the parlament of roumania. It Was about 300000 m2. It was very nice and we got a tour.

After that In we went to a synagog. We got the change to come in in the synagog and Also see pictures of the secound world war. After that we went to a lunch place and eat pasta. 

Later, the bus came and picked up us and brought us to a really big and beautyful shopping center. We got 2,5 h to do what we Wanted and we choose to shop. They had very Many shops that we do not have in sweden. 

The bus came 18.15 and we all got home to the home city, pitesi. 


Rumänien Day 5

School started 8:30 with country time for 30 minutes. After that we practiced our the dance that we were going to perform later on in the day.  After about 2 hours we all went to the University of Pitesti, where we played some games and are lunch. After lunch we walked to the center of the city to start the march. The march itself laster for about 15-30 minutes but when we finished the march there were some artists performing and everyone danced for about 1 hour. After that all the students went to a park and we were there for about 30 minutes before we went to the mall in Pitesti.


Romania Day 3

Today was the first school day we had. The school started 8:30. We started our day with a little introduction about Romania and Pitesti and country time to catch up with our teachers. We also got a paper holder, a pen and a name tag with our name and country on! All the things also hade the projects logo on.
After that we started to get to know the group by dancing and the dance we learned are we going to show later in the week!
After we had eaten lunch we got on a bus that took us to a place called “Muzeul Colesti”. At this place we painted stones and made dolls with traditional Romanian costumes! It was really fun! Then we took the bus back to school.

After we ended school me and my host was going to one of the Romanins girls house.

At the house we ate traditional Romanian desserts and food! It was really good. And after they we ate some homemade pizza! Then we just talked and hangout for a bit!
Then it became quite late so it was time to go home and sleep!

Romania Day 2

Day 2: On Sunday, we went to a big shopping mall and after that we took a taxi back to the hotel because two busses stood outside. There was one small bus that was going directly to Pitesti and Emma and I were lucky because we got to go in the small bus. The  other bus was a bit bigger and was going to the airport, to pick up all the teachers and girls from Poland. But they were a bit late so everybody in the big bus had to wait for like two hours. But we in the small bus got to an hotel where the host families were waiting for us. And everybody else was picked up later when they finally arrived to the hotel. The rest of the of the evening we spent time with our host families. And some of us went to the city of Pitesti. Pitesti is a city with beautiful fountains, old buildings, squares and parks. The population is about 150 000 people.


Romania Day 1


The whole group met on Landvetter airport at 4:15 to board our first plane to München and then we went from München to Bucharest in Romania. When we got to Bucharest we took a bus to our hotel and we got ready for a walk in the town. First we ate at a restaurant in the park of love and the we went to the old town and did some shopping. After this we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Iceland day 8

We woke up and went to the school as usual and spent fifteen minutes with our teachers. We also waited for the cafeteria to open so ee could watch the exhibition the tenth grader’s had set up. They had done a really good job! 

After that the whole group met outside the school to go on a walk by the coast. 

We walked to a cliff called the Elephant cliff. It was a cliff that looked exactly like an elephant! It was really cool. We walked for about an hour before we stopped in the valley. The valley is a big field where the yearly festival is held. There we met up the home economics-teacher who taught us how to make ice-cream, pancakes, hot chocolate and popcorn. We split in two groups, one group cooked and one group played at a playground and then we switched. It was really fun to cook! It was very windy outside so we sat inside a little cottage.

Around 12 o’klock the teachers made us hamburgers outside for our final meal together. It was really fun to spend our last time there together. When we were finished we took some group photos and said goodbye go each other. 

Around three hours later it was time to go to the ferry and said the last goodbye to our host families. Everyone thought it was kind of sad because we had made so many new friends. 

When we arrived at the mainland with the ferry we jumped on a bus to begin our road trip to Reykjavik. We arrived at our hotel about two hours later and said goodbye to the romanian and polish people. 

Then we checked in at our hotel, left our bags, and went to Blackbox to have dinner. When we had eaten it was time to head back to the hotel and go to sleep.

It was a really nice last day!

The trip to Iceland, day 7

Day 7, Thursday 

We started the day outside the canteen (salur) to meet our teachers. Then we went to the school for the younger children.

 When we got there we were divided into 15 groups. One group for each class. In the classes we worked with the ideas from yesterday for today, the day against xenophobia. Some groups made flags and some groups made face masks. 

After the work we went marching to a park. When we got there we started dancing and singing. 

After that we went to eat some lunch and later on we went to Eldheimar museum. A museum about the volcano eruption in 1973. 

3 hours later and after the school we went to swim in the swimming baths. 

Some of us ate dinner at subway and went for a walk “downtown”. 

The last thing we did was to eat ice-cream and listen to music at a friends house. 

The trip to Iceland, day 5

The day begins at 8:30 in ”Salur” which means cafeteria in Icelandic. We meet with the other Swedes to catch up for about 15 minutes.

After that went to the class room to begin the first lesson of the day. We started with translating a Danish poem by Benny Andersen to our languages (Swedish, Polish, Romanian). We did this because we were going to put them up in the local museum here in Vestmannaeyjar.

We ate lunch in the local museum, we got sandwiches and bubble water. After lunch we walked around in the museum and looked at the different pictures and statues.

We went back to the school after we had been at the museum. We started brainstorming for the Day Against Xenophobia.

After school we all went to see the mist famous puffin in the world, Toti. We took pictures and videos of the really cute puffin. (Without flash).

We walked around the city for awhile and went in some stores. Then we went home with our Icelandic friends. We watched a few movies and then went to bed.

The trip to Iceland Day 6

During this day we brainstormed and prepared for Thursday when we’re going to the younger kids and celebrate “the day of xenophobia”. We used the hole morning and then some of us ate lunch at a bakery. After that we went to a museum called Sagnheimar Museum, very close to the bakery. Two students from each country held a speech for an exhibition some of us put up yesterday. We were there to the end of the school time and during the evening we went to a rib-safari. The rib-safari was a boat that went very fast on the water. After that we went to a Youth center and ate pizza between 7pm and 9pm.

The trip to Iceland day 3

We woke up in our cottage and went to the Icelandic teachers and ate breakfast. They had set up lots of different foods to eat. After the breakfast we went back to our cottage and started to pack our stuff and clean. 

At 11 o’clock we jumped on the bus to go to our first stop that were the Strandarkirkja. It was a little church by the ocean. There were also a big statue of a woman there. The Icelandic teachers told us that women used to come to the church to pray for their husbands. Their husbands often worked as fishermen and they prayed that they would get home safely

After the visit in the church we went to look at the beach. It was very beautiful and cool. There were many lava stones there which was very cool. 

After that we went on the bus to continue our trip by the coast. The bus trip was very nice because you could look out at the beautiful nature. 

Our next stop was at the tectonic plates. It’s a place were you can stand between the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian tectonic plate. Everybody thought it was really cool!

Then it was time to get on the bus and pick up the kids from Romania at a hostel. Everybody was a little bit shy in the begining but we said hello to each other and the Romanian kids gave us a lot of cookies, wich was really kind. 

Before we were going to pick up the Polish kids we went to a viking museeum. Inside the museeum they had built a big viking boat you could walk on. 

We stayed there for about an hour and Then we went to the airport to pick up the Polish kids. After that we began our bus journey to the ferry terminal. There we took the ferry over to Vestmannaeyjar. We stood outside on the dock and watched the big Islands almost the whole trip. Vestmannaeyjar’s mountains were so cool! We were also very excited on the ferry because we knew it was almost time to meet our host families. 

When we arrived at Vestmannaeyjar’s mainisland Heimaey we all met up our host families and made sure everyone found there hosts. 

It was a really exciting day and there’s more to come!