The trip to Iceland Day 6

During this day we brainstormed and prepared for Thursday when we’re going to the younger kids and celebrate “the day of xenophobia”. We used the hole morning and then some of us ate lunch at a bakery. After that we went to a museum called Sagnheimar Museum, very close to the bakery. Two students from each country held a speech for an exhibition some of us put up yesterday. We were there to the end of the school time and during the evening we went to a rib-safari. The rib-safari was a boat that went very fast on the water. After that we went to a Youth center and ate pizza between 7pm and 9pm.

Daytime with our guests

Monday: The first thing we did on monday morning was to meet up in our canteen and our principal and teachers welcomed everyone . Our guests from Romania showed us a traditional romanian dance. After this we went down to the classroom for the week.

Here all countries introduced themselves more. Poland had a presentation and so had our guests from Romania. But our guests from Iceland showed us a fantastic film from their island.

By lunch time we went to the canteen and later on we showed them our school.

Back at the classroom Lena Lundgren from the tolerance group her in Lindome and gave us a introduction about Racism and Xenophobia and she gave us some tasks.

When Lena went we started with our weeks first group task. We started to work with our project logo and every group made one and the day after the teachers and students voted on which they wanted to have as logo.

On tuesday we started the day off in the school cafeteria as usual with people from our own country for about ten minutes. After that we went down to the classroom to finish our project logos. When the logos were finished we discussed what Peer learning is with questions like “what can we learn from each other?”, “Why is it good to learn things from each other?” and “How can we spread this project to our peers?”. After we had eaten lunch in the school cafeteria we made some presentations of our group works and we also made lists of what we can do to spread the project for example by using social medias.

Wednesday: The first thing we did was that we gathered in the school cafeteria and had 10 minutes country time. Lena Lundgren and some students then held a presentation about the tolerance project. After that we ate cinnamon buns because it was the cinnamon bun day. Then we worked on how we would spread the project and presented our ideas for the teachers. After that we had lunch and after lunch we talked about the swedish school system and how to behave on the internet. Before we finished, we practiced the swedish fika song because we would sing it on friday’s farewell “fika” = we had cookies, juice and biscuits in the canteen.

On Thursday we started as usual with a gathering in the dining room where each country got country time. Then we sat down in groups and discussed  some questions and the we went through them together. Then we went to a classroom and we were divided into groups where we would record a film about xenophobia and racism. At 12 o’clock we went to the World Culture Museum and listened to a lecture called Crossroad. After that we had 2 free hours at universum and then at 16:00 we stopped for the day.

Friday: we began the day to meet in the canteen. Then we walked to our classroom there we had our lessons. We continued with our films about rasicm and xenophobia and their consequenses. During the day we got visited by ”Mölndals Posten”, a newspaper in Sweden. Some pupils went to another classroom and became interviewed. Then they came back and continued with the films together with the others. About 12.00 o’clock we went to the canteen again and ate our lunch. Afterwards we continued with our films and finished them. The Swedish pupils went ahead and fixed with some cookies and cakes we would ate at ”farewell-fika” When we were ready we met up in the canteen and sang the ”Swedish-fika song together”. After that we talked to each others and showed the films we had done during the day.

In this video we’ve some pictures from the daytime with our guests. Notice there’s no sound.