Hello and welcome to our blog. We are a group of students from Almåsskolan and Skånhällaskolan in Lindome, Sweden. We are working with a project to combat xenophobia and racism. We are going to use this blog to show our work against xenophobia and racism. On our blog you can follow our journey through the project. Our project is an Erasmus+ project called Let’S make A difference bY combating xeNOphobia! or SAY NO! As part of the project we are going to visit the other partner countries after they have been to visit us. In October we will have students and teachers from three different countries visiting us and our first visit abroad will be to Iceland in May 2018. Before some of us get to go to Iceland we will work with different assignments on a weekly basis and we will post all the different films, presentations and links we create here.

We want to share our experiences with the world on our mission to make it a friendlier place.
Join us and SAY NO to xenophobia and racism!